You have to write an answer based on this writing, a minimum of

You have to write an answer based on this writing, a minimum of 200 words. You need to add references and quotes, do not use the same references that appear in the writing. Indian tribes are a large community of Americans who appear to be natives of the land. Nomadic tribes and hunters, who initially moved to America from Asia near or at the point of the last glacial period, are descendants of this ancient heritage. Some have now emigrated to the USA, while some have moved to Canada. They are currently among the few multicultural minority communities in the United States. When the colonizers of Europe came to colonize the new world, the U.S. The Indians were immensely oppressed by their territories and freedom. Some had to change their products, beliefs, and traditions,Since the European colonizers considered their lives to be “civilians,” that being said, they are now living a lifestyle that is safe from the experience of their ancestry. They conclude that it is linked to their faith in aspects of well-being. Their inner power comes from within and depends on how it is and where most of them are in sync with the world and nature. Certain basic beliefs that are common to them, including view, body, and soul are that all beings are the part of the astral planes, live or dead. Everybody’s wellbeing is the responsibility and any person’s soul, not just the physical body is made of true essence. Often, the soul is a force that was or is in the organism until it arrived into it, and when the human individual stops, the soul continues. Elderly Indians are difficult to diagnose. If they’re in agony, they think you have to suffer. Rather than a feeling that they are using a cure instantly. They will also not visit a doctor until their situation is an intolerable and life-threatening condition. Turkey is a region that interacts with certain large areas around it such as Asia, Europe, and Africa. It has trade relationships with the United States even with its social, political, and cultural elements as an alliance. Contextually, both they and their values are quite different, as it differs on the participant and how they integrate into society. There are many people of Turkish descent in Texas, York city, Pennsylvania, and Washington state here in the United States. Turkish schooling of huge importance. the vast majority of them came to America to start their journey at different schools. As in other societies, Turkey believes that excessive changes in weather can cause disease, but relies on a modern treatment system and promotes the reliability of medical practitioners. Turkey has a high level of use of over-the-counter anti-infection and pain medication and anti-inflammatory treatment for a wide range of diseases, such as gastrointestinal bombs, is commonly used as a miracle cure. Turks, especially people who have a medical problem, Typically, advise a pharmacist until a doctor comes along. Turkish Americans and natives need to be assessed with remedy drugs for their use of over-the-counter medications to avoid conflicting or triggering effects. Innumerable Turks have a traditional pessimistic viewpoint, which is extremely prevalent for those residing in extended nuclear families who believe “You can’t alter what God has written.” While teaching the client’s family, it would be necessary to assist in their analysis of the world to integrate sharp teeth about cause and care in the comprehension of learning for the entire family.  The Vietnamese population living in the United States, Several traveled in the mid-1960s, tragically disrupting their nation. Most of those who tried to escape were forced to remain sensitive to government coercion, so when the fighting ended, an initiative called the Organized Exit Plan was mounted if anyone chose to leave for the U.S. and return with their relatives who had just moved when they had the opportunity. For the Vietnamese, all the impacts were due to sickness and paralyzing circumstances. For example, defective lungs and also some bactericide illnesses are due to an excessive amount of cold, while freckles and other skin problems are the consequence of an excess of heat. Security measures typically contain food, prescriptions, and medications that reverse the problem and keeps away from foods that increase the condition. Asian treatments and hot west medications. combine homeopathic science are traditional procedures, which represent an obstacle to finding human services. Then analytical experiments can be frustrating and the overwhelming strategies appall. The idea of hospital treatment can be terrifying. References Pauls, E. P. (2019, October 20). Prehistoric agricultural peoples. Retrieved from              peoples#ref259621 Purnell, L. D. (2013). Transcultural Health Care: A Culturally Competent Approach Purnell, L. D., & Fenkl, E. A. (2019). Handbook for Culturally Competent Care.

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