Worldview is our perception of how the world works. It includes

Worldview is our perception of how the world works. It includes issues such as moral and ethical reasoning, social relationships, and communications. Healthcare professionals need to take a person’s worldview into consideration because it affects behaviors, perceptions, communication, and decisions. Some decisions are made daily, such as whether to take a medication or not, but major health decisions, such as beginning and end-of-life decisions, are also subject to the patient’s worldview. Discussion 2: For the assigned culture (see below): Discuss some of the key components of the culture’s worldview Explain how these views relate to health Explore and describe how the worldview of the patient and the nurse impact professional nursing practice Part 1: Minimum of 250 words Hispanic and Latino Americans Part 2: Minimum of 250 words American Indian and Alaskan Natives Part 3: Minimum of 250 words African Americans ALL: Use APA format in your posts. Please see the grading rubric.  Make sure to include at least three (3) references (one may be from your text; the others must be from an appropriate source) to support your post and responses to two (2) peers.  General Information and Sites Covering Many Cultures Relevant Websites  Culture, Language, and Health Literacy (Links to an external site.) Diversity Resources (Links to an external site.) Institute on Multicultural Health (Links to an external site.) Multicultural Health Institute National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (Links to an external site.) National Center for Health Statistics (Links to an external site.) Office of Adolescent Health Office of Minority Health Office of Women’s Health Programs for Multicultural Health U.S. Census Bureau (Links to an external site.) U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration Cultural Competence Resources for Healthcare Providers Culture-Specific Websites Asian American Health (Links to an external site.) Black or African American Populations (Links to an external site.) Indian Health Service  The Migrant/Seasonal Farmworker (Links to an external site.) National Alliance for Hispanic Health National Congress of American Indians

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