what are your thought??? In nursing school, we learn a lot a

what are your thought??? In nursing school, we learn a lot about what evidence-based practice is and we use the information that we have learned into our nursing practice. Evidence-based practice is an approach where nursing “practice helps nurses provide high-quality patient care based on research and knowledge rather than because “this is the way we have always done it,” or based on traditions, myths, hunches, advice of colleagues, or outdated textbooks” (Jyothi, 2012, pg.1). This provides nurses with answers to questions evidenced by nursing practice. Policies and procedures are based on evidence-based practice and this form of practice can be used to provide better patient care, improved patient outcomes and it is based on current information (Jyothi, 2012).       Two GCU Library scholarly databases that I will be using to find the best research articles are PubMed and Cochrane Library. PubMed is a free database that I can use to research topics needed during this course. “PubMed is the most widely used free database for medical literature and provides a search interface to MEDLINE, a repository containing approximately 5000 biomedical journals dating back to 1950” (Nourbakhash, Nugent. R, Wang, Cevik & Nugent. K, 2012, pg. 1). PubMed does have limitations to searches but can be used in conjunction with other research databases. Cochrane Library has 6 databases that are filled with information that I can use to research different topics. “The Cochrane Library (http://bit.ly/3bQnMrY) is freely available on a time-limited basis to provide everyone in every country of the world with access to high-quality, independent evidence to inform health decision making” (Bero, 2020, pg. 4). The information that is being provided by Cochrane library is an extensive and thorough process of reviewing new and credited information. This allows for the most accurate and up to date information which will help me tremendously in this course.  When compared to google scholar, all databases have pros and cons to researching different topics and asking different questions.  The key is to be specific in your search and they can be used in conjunction.  In the study that was researched, Google Scholar had more citations and the information is pulled from multiple sources (Nourbakhsh, Nugent. R, Wang, Cevik & Nugent. K, 2012) T

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