Topic: Personalized Genetic Medicine DQ 1 Genetics testing is

Topic: Personalized Genetic Medicine DQ 1 Genetics testing is viewed as either positive or negative. When used to detect the genes for breast cancer, health insurance companies deny care based on genetics. Why? Describe one genetic test and its impact on health, prevention, screening, diagnostics, treatment selection, and treatment effectiveness. DQ 2 Evidence-based practice and standardized clinical guidelines have improved organizations and the ability of providers to provide the care with the highest level of evidence to each patient. Describe one pharmacological agent with a protocol/clinical guideline that is used. Discuss how this protocol may not take into consideration genetic variations. What can be done to tailor care to each patient while providing standardized treatments? Topic: Nutrition DQ 1 Describe one health issue and discuss how nutrition can impact this health issue positively and negatively. DQ 2 Choose one disorder of malnutrition. Discuss the genetic and environmental influences on this disorder, including prevalence rates, testing, treatment, and prognosis.

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