Topic 1 DQ 1 I have decided in enroll in the BSN program at th

Topic 1 DQ 1 I have decided in enroll in the BSN program at this time because I have big dreams and high goals. I plan on getting my S.A.N.E certificate, or Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner certificate, after completing my degree. It is not required, but I want to be more secure in my nursing career before I start down that path. After my BSN is obtained, and my S.A.N.E certificate is done, I plan on going back to school for my Master’s in Forensic Nursing. I am a determined person, and know I will complete this task, but it does not come with reservations. Going back to school will prove to be difficult, because I am working full time and a single mother of two little boys. My support system where I live is small, but it is strong. Time management and starting assignments in plenty of time will be essential for me. To a be a successful student in an online classroom, you first need to understand the student portal. How to move through it, how to submit assignments, and all other areas so you can gain the most knowledge. Next, knowing how to contact someone if help is needed. That may mean technical support or tutoring. Last but not least, the key to being a successful student online is knowing how to write. Online classes are all based on how well you are able to form thoughts on paper, to include; formatting, spelling, and grammar.

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