(THIS is reply job to the another student to information I sendi

(THIS is reply job to the another student to information I sending to to you_)     As of July 1st, 2020, Nurse Practitioners in Florida, will be allowed to practice independently. Advanced nurse practitioners will need an additional 3000 hours of experience as they are being supervised by a physician, before they can be independent (USNews 2020). After a nurse practitioner is licensed to practice independently, they are given the authority to sign many documents. For example, signing death certificates, admitting and discharging patients via their signature, and sign affidavits, to name a few. (flanp.org, 2020).      In the state of California, nurse practitioners are required to work under the supervision of a physician. They must work as a team with the physician, and collaborate when it comes to standard procedures (chcf.org, 2018). Additionally, It is argued in California, that NP’s need supervision by a physician to provide proper care. The California board of Nursing, also requires that all NP’s require an additional certification to prescribe medications, under the guidance of a physician.       In the state of Florida, ARNP’s, have been fighting with the state for the longest time, to be independent contractors. So it was a  complete victory when the law was passed and signed by the governor. Unfortunately, in California, ARNP’s, are still in debates with their state, to follow Florida’s latest victory. To give the ARNP more autonomy and independence to provide quality care for much less, a physician charges

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