The pediatric nurse from the local tertiary center has called th

The pediatric nurse from the local tertiary center has called the health department to report a child in hospitalized with a diagnosis of plumbism. The public health nurse is familiar with this family as she is providing case management for this woman during her pregnancy. There are two other children under the age of 5 in the home. This mother lives in a neighborhood where all the houses were built before in 1940’s and at one time were considered upscale and fashionable. In the last 20 years, many have been abandoned, others have been divided into apartments and most tenants could be described as living in poverty with limited education and underemployed. This neighborhood is located in an older section of a moderately large city. The Director of Nursing at the city health department has been invited to speak on the issue of lead contamination in this city. The local television station ran a story last week on a child being in the local teaching hospital with lead poisoning. The city council members have also heard from several constituents about the lack of funds to assist them with abatement of the lead in their houses. Create a PowerPoint® with notes to present to the city council. The slides should answer the questions of what is lead poisoning, why it is dangerous, what can be done about it and what resources may be available to assist. Be sure to show collaboration with the other key partners in addressing this issue. There should be no more than 15-20 slides. Be sure to include a title slide and a final slide with references using the APA style. There should be a balanced amount of appropriate images or graphs with text.

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