The nursing theory I have selected is, King’s Theory of Goal Att

The nursing theory I have selected is, King’s Theory of Goal Attainment. King’s theory recognizes that the relationship between the nurse and patient includes communication and sharing of information, partnering in the setting of goals, and taking appropriate actions in an effort to achieve said goals (McQueen et al., 2017).  This theory addresses the importance of developing professional relationships with patients and his or her families, while identifying unique opportunities and barriers contributing to the success of better health.              King’s theory can be applied to all four phenomena of the nursing metaparadigm. Person –   The patient and his or her family have many different socio-economical, spiritual, financial and health care needs.  King identifies the establishment of the nurse/patient relationship and identifying these distinctive differences, empowers patients to take control and self-manage their health. Health – With strong communication and sharing, the nurse is able to take all pertinent factors into account.  The patient’s age, gender, ethnicity, social, physical, intellectual and emotional wellbeing considered when developing an individualized plan of care with the patient and family. Environment – Again, with the development of the nurse/patient relationship, the nurse will learn about and take into account, the patient’s surroundings regarding his or her health.  They will identify what support they have, cultural influences, financial restraints and now even the accessibility to technology. Nursing – King’s theory addressees the importance of a mutually respectful relationship that provides the patient with a sense of safety and security. He or she will utilize their knowledge, skills, technology and communication, along with all other of the metaparadigm phenomena to achieve optimal outcomes (da Silva & Ferreira, 2016).             In the specialty of solid organ transplant and liver disease the establishment of trusting relationships that embraces partnership in the establishment of goals, is extremely important.  King’s theory can be applied in both the pre and post-transplant setting.  A common health problem in the majority of our patient population is diabetes.  When applying King’s theory, the patient feels an increased responsibility for his or her treatment of the disease and has the ability to actively act with decisiveness regarding possible changes which result in better adherence to the proposed care (Eline Saraiva Silveira Araújo et al., 2018). The management of glucose control is of the utmost importance to optimize outcomes and organ longevity. I need a comment for this post at least 2 paragraphs with 2 sources no later than 5 years.

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