Setting:     You have been given some startling news! Upon ente

Setting:     You have been given some startling news! Upon entering your office as the new assistant director of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), you are confronted with the following headline: “Global citrus crop devastated by lack of bee pollination!!” (That’s okay by me, I don’t eat honey anyway…you might think.) The crops immediately affected are the following: Lemon          Lime              Orange                  Grapefruit You are faced with a serious problem! Using your brain, whit, and possibly charm, find out what other alternative crops will be used to supply the global vitamin C need. 1.  List four alternative crops that provide an equivalent amount of vitamin C, fiber, and carbohydrates as the citrus listed above. 2.  Describe how these sources will be produced and distributed. If they don’t exist, or not in sufficient numbers, then tell me how you intend to solve that problem too! List the nutrient content of the four food sources you choose and compare them to the ones listed above.

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