Respond to this passage 250 words like agree with the post (APA

Respond to this passage 250 words like agree with the post (APA 7TH Edition) Reference only 4 years  Continuity of care is very important.  Several studies and research have shown that patients who receive continuity of care have better health care outcomes, the health care they receive is more cost effective, and they have higher satisfaction rates. Nurses and other health professionals are always looking for better ways to improve Transitional of care due to the fact  that the transitions do not always go as smoothly. According to the Joint commission, “Ineffective care transition processes lead to adverse events and higher hospital readmission rates and costs” (2019). in order to reduce readmissions along with the adverse events associated with it, Hospitals will have to improve the effectiveness of transition of care in which they play a role. On the other hand, in order to improve the quality of care transitions, hospitals will have to first identify the causes of ineffective transition of care. According to the joint commission, some of the causes of ineffective transition of care include: communication breakdown, patient education breakdown, and accountability breakdown. It is important to know that these root causes is usually different from one health organization to another.

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