Respond + summary    This week, we talk about relevant profess

Respond + summary    This week, we talk about relevant professional organizations and scholarly journals of interest to the nurse executive. I am choosing to focus on Advocacy in this week’s discussion and expand on the organization I identified in last week’s lesson. The professional organization  I chose to help promote the cause identified is the Turner Syndrome Foundation. This foundation will provide valuable information in promoting awareness and facilitating education on Turner Syndrome. This organization can be a valuable resource in promoting this cause as they have made many connections within the healthcare industry, have done vast amount of research, and hold fundraisers each year in order to get to where they currently are. This organization facilitates educate and spreads awareness not only to the public but to healthcare providers and workers who can most utilize this information while taking care and treating patients. In order to make advancements with Turner Syndrome, it is important to constantly gather research and new data. One scholarly journal that is valuable in promoting this cause is the American Journal of Medical Genetics. Turner Syndrome is a genetic condition that affects 1 in 2,000 females. This journal discusses many issues, concerns, research and more regarding this issue. According the Turner Syndrome Symposium, there was been inadequate attention given to health and psych problems in those affected with Turner Syndrome and research to understand the connection between sex chromosomes and conditions such as heart disease and autoimmune disease (Kruszka & Silberbach, 2019). The Turner Syndrome Foundation and the American Journal of Medical Genetics are both valuable resources in gaining connections and knowledge. They can help to promote this cause by continuing research, reaching out to hospitals and doctors, and holding new studies that can be printed in the journal. Thank you.

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