Reply1 Patient safety and effective quality of care is very imp

Reply1 Patient safety and effective quality of care is very important to provide when a nurse.  This case was very sad to listen too as a nurse and mother. We should be able to help prevent hospital-acquired infections by doing proper sterile technique when needed and cleaning equipment properly. This scenario is very devastating to know they lost such a young patient due to continue medical errors. Nurse’s can definitely low cases that involve medical error if we were to properly clean equipment and take our time. I feel some nurses can get so amped up they begin to not follow protocols and procedures properly. This story really shows how cautious we need to be with assessments, and providing care. We need to communicate with all medical professional properly to help avoid mistakes.  Reply2 Hi Marial, Thank you for your post. Shared decision making, like you said, should be an engagement between both parties of the guardian and their child. The parents must be consented in all treatments or procedure along with the all the information regarding the disease process and possible treatments. As the nurse, we oath to maintain patient’s safety and always provide high quality of care. We do not want these things to happen, but these unfortunate things happen, and it is our job to raise awareness and make sure it does not happen again and take accountability.

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