Reply1 Collapse           If I was Betty, I will not go.  It i

Reply1 Collapse           If I was Betty, I will not go.  It is conflict of interest, commitment conflicts are complex because the decision to engage in a conflict of interest involves loyalties, concerns, and emotions in relationships that collide with the organizational and public interests (Butts, 2016, p.409) If Betty accept the gift, it could also be health care fraud, misrepresentation that an individual makes an intended dishonesty, or knowing it to be false and that it could result in some unauthorized benefit to (self or other) ( Binder, 2011, p.9) She is intentionally violating the policy and procedure of conduct.  Nurses responsibility is to be accountable for your own action, and the accountability of trust that we would do the right thing for the public.  In the hospital I work for, vendors are not permitted, and if we have a vendor it needs to be authorized by the management, and if vendors are offering gift to the nurses it would have be value $10 only.  At times patient offers nurses gift as well, we do not receive it unless it is $10 worth.  Working in a large organization, the policies provide us structures to be accountable for our action in day to day basis.  Reply2 I do think if Betty were to go on this trip it would be conflict of interest. She is the head of chief nursing officer and going on this trip seems more of a sales position. Many hospitals purchase extra beds without going on a trip to see the beds. I also think if she went on the trip she would feel obligated to purchase the beds because of the trip. I think polices do need to be put at place. For example when being the officer to purchase equipment for the hospital they need to looks for reliable equipment but that does not include going on a trip. I think leaving to another state to look at a bed is over doing it when plenty of hospitals look and order beds without leaving. I feel that this can also cause more conflict or issues later between the company and hospital as well.

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