REPLY1 A notable development in public health that I think need

REPLY1 A notable development in public health that I think need to take place in public health nursing is the government to come up with policies that might enhance more health care professionals are choosing the public health option. Such policies can include adequate funding and good remuneration for public health nurses. According to the American Public Health Association (2015), a strong public health infrastructure requires adequate public health personnel. However, public health nursing resources have been decreasing and the ongoing shortage threatens the ability to meet the health needs of communities. Decreases in funding at all governmental levels have diminished the ability to ensure a sufficient PHN workforce that can in turn provide population-based nursing interventions and document outcomes effectively (Abhicharttibutra et al., 2016). Therefore, I believe that through federally funded public health workforce scholarship and loan repayment programs, enhancing internship and fellowship programs in public health agencies, enhancing leadership development programs for the public health workforce and increasing the core financial support for the public health infrastructure needs to be done to enhance not only the current, but also future uptake of public health personnel.  REPLY2 Future developments in public health will be centered around public health policy. “Policy refers to laws, regulations, administrative actions, procedures, guidance, as well as incentives, or voluntary practices of governments and other institutions. Policy decisions are often shown in resource allocations” (Sarr, 2018, pp. 52).   Public health policy influences health by implementing laws, regulations, and practices that elicit change from the organization level to the individual level. Public health policy will have to collaborate with sectors such as education and agriculture to achieve sustainable goals. Issues include food labeling, food advertisement to children, and banning smoking in public places are a few key items.  “The argument that the government has a responsibility for protecting national health, and to serve in the public interest and for the public good” (Sarr, 2018, pp. 53).  It is through public policy that health and health equity are bridged to address social determinants and promote health of the public. Personally, I expect or hope for action towards stronger take on vaccination requirements.

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