reply to this discussion  Kurt Lewin created change theories

reply to this discussion  Kurt Lewin created change theories in nursing that consisted of three steps: unfreezing, moving and refreezing. His theory focused on the idea that to change a current process or practice, you have to freeze it, then movement can occur and a new process of refreezing once a new idea has been brought to the attention of all (Levasseur, 2001). “The first step of Lewin’s model tells us how to minimize barriers to change and increase the odds of a successful change effort” (Levasseur, 2001). Involving everyone in the change will create a more successful change process. Lewin identified 3 concepts in his change theory: driving forces, restraining forces and equilibrium. He believed “all three phases of the change process, found that workgroups participating in the introduction and design of changes in work methods produced more and had less turnover than groups that did not” (Zand, 1975). This makes for a more successful change including all members of the process. Lewin focused more on the change process and less about the psychology of society.       Alfred Adler was a theorist born to a large family in 1902. He experienced medical problems as a young child from the death of his brother to battling rickets. He focused his readings on psychotherapy, “to build a flourishing school that promoted an understanding of human behavior that focused on healthy relationships” (Alder, 2020). He created a theory known as the Birth Order Theory that was based on your birth orders and the personalities that you possessed. He then went to different areas of the world including Europe and the United States and taught, “Adler’s vision was to cultivate confident, community-oriented, mentally healthy individuals who could contribute to the common good” (Alder, 2020). He eventually died at the age of 67 from a heart attack. Alder differed from Lewin who focused more on communities and created value on societies.       To be able to implement EBP intervention, I would have to use Lewin’s theory to push for a change in current behaviors and mindsets. Creating a welcoming environment of multiple disciplinary approaches would develop interest and understanding of change.  My preceptor has not expressed any theories but we will be using ideas from both theorists listed above.

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