Reply 1 Clinical nurse leaders play an important role in managi

Reply 1 Clinical nurse leaders play an important role in managing quality measures and setting policy thus involves dealing with fiscal responsibility and being answerable for the overall quality of patient care delivery, patient satisfaction and organization outcomes (McBride, 2019). Nonetheless, CNL role is coordinated to collaborate work with other professional teams. Education requirement for nurse leaders based on practice skills. In masters nurses get to improve care, quality and safety of patients, team working is highly encouraged in leadership. A good leader should have the following trait; integrity, critical thinking, communication skills. Integrity is central in making a nurse leader (McBride, 2019). Integrity help nurses to make sound decisions regarding patients’ treatment plans and safety (Harris, Roussel & Thomas, 2016). Furthermore, effective leadership in nursing practice requires high level of integrity. Due to increased multidisciplinary collaboration, critical thinking skill is very important. Interdisciplinary alliance makes critical thinking an important skill for nurse leaders. Moreover, communication in leadership is key since it helps promote team spirit or teamwork translating to better care outcome. References McBride, A. B. (Ed.). (2019). The growth and development of nurse leaders. Springer Publishing Company. Harris, J. L., Roussel, L. A., & Thomas, T. (2016). Initiating and sustaining the clinical nurse leader role. Jones & Bartlett Learning. reply 2 According to Dwight Eisenhower as quoted by Mind tool blog (n d) leadership is defined as the art of bringing another person to do something that you want done because he/she wants to do it. Nurses occupy different leadership positions in the healthcare industry and I want to discuss about Nurse Managers. Nurse managers are typically Advanced Practice Nurses who has at least BSN but many hospitals require completion of Master’s degree or current enrollment in a Master’s program, also some nurse managers find it helpful to obtain Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Nurse managers are also called Nurse Administrators (Nurse org, 2020) Essential responsibilities of a nurse managers include administrative meetings, working with new employees, serving in different committees throughout the hospital, interviewing and hiring of new nurses, acting as a liaison between hospital management and employees, collaborating with medical employees, managing unit budget, handling of disciplinary actions to those who have erred, ensuring that the mission of the hospital is maintained by the employees, set work schedules, oversee patient care, etc.(nurse org, 2020) Leadership traits are those personal traits needed to be successful as a nurse manager include, advocacy, to speak up for her employees and the patients, should be able to participate in patients care and also in management meetings, he/she should be supportive of her staff and should also be mature in her judgement, strong communication skill is a trait that a nurse manager should possess, he/she should be able to communicate the hospital decision to her employees and also communicate her employee’s concerns to the hospital management (Duquesne, blog, 2017). The leadership style that I feel will make the nurse manager to succeed in his/her job Is the transformational style. Transformational leadership is a leadership style that can inspire positive changes in those who follow. Transformational leaders are generally energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate. Not only are these leaders concerned and involved in the process; they are also focused on ensuring that every nurse under her car becomes the best nurse they can ever be and also be successful in their nursing career. (Cherry, 2020). In order to succeed, a nurse leader should have qualities like listening, flexibility, organized. Be a problem solver, leadership skill, analytical ability, empathetic, confidence, decisiveness, confidence, etc. (nurse org, 2020)                                                                                     References Cherry, K. (2020) Transformational leadership. Very well mind. Retrieved from Duquesne University blog, (2017) Nurse manager: leading the Nurse profession into the future. Retrieved from,and%20make%20decisions%20about%20personnel. (2020) Nurse manager. Retrieved from Mindtool (n d). What is leadership. Retrieved from

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