Prepare a paper giving an overview of an issue or problem of you

Prepare a paper giving an overview of an issue or problem of your choice that you wish to investigate using concepts and content from this competency. The paper should include the problem statement and a literature review consisting of a minimum of 10 articles. The literature review should be a synthesis of relevant literature which places the problem in context and indicates its importance. Questions to address include:  · What is currently known about the problem?  · What previous solutions have been presented?  · What methods have been used to examine the problem?  · Why is the problem important?  · How might the problem be solved through evaluation? Your paper should have an introduction, statement of the problem, presentation of the literature review, and references conforming to a format of your choice. Possible topics: wearable devices, use of those technologies by the elderly, and issues associated with the implementation of electronic health records, mainly safety and security. Prepare this and all papers according to current APA guidelines.

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