Pre-requisites for person-centred care: reflective paper  Task

Pre-requisites for person-centred care: reflective paper  Task Description: During PEP, you will regularly encounter clinical episodes that both challenge and enhance your developing professional practice. The purpose of this task is to generate a reflective paper focussed on ONE of the five ‘prerequisites’ of the person-centred nursing framework. These ‘prerequisites’ are considered the essential attributes for health professionals to facilitate person-centred outcomes (McCormack, Manley & Titchen 2013). These are identified as follows:  1. Professionally competent 2. Developed interpersonal skills 3. Commitment to the job  4. Clarity of beliefs and values 5. Knowing ‘self’  From your PEP , consider a clinical encounter (either through direct observation of other health professional/s or your own actions), where you felt a pre-requisite may have been lacking or questionable. Briefly outline the situation and identify which pre-requisite/s may have impacted/contributed to the patient outcome.  Choose ONE of these as your focus and briefly relate this to the literature regarding person-centred outcomes and why this pre-requisite is considered an important attribute for practitioners. You will also be required to consider your own practice to ensure you adequately meet this pre-requisite as you progress through the final stages of your degree and continue to establish your professional identity.  Additional resources including a template to populate with your reflection is attatched. Reference: McCormack, B., Manley, K. and Titchen, A. eds., 2013. Practice development in nursing and healthcare. John Wiley & Sons.    I NEED 5 REFERENCES IN TEXT AND LIST FROM 2010 TO 2019 ONLY.

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