Please make a summary of the virtual experience you have with th

Please make a summary of the virtual experience you have with the link below. please paper has to be in apa style with references. no word limit.thanks  Journey North: A Virtual Experience Username: jnaccess Password: JNuser2018 You will need username, and password the first time you sign in. Description:  Journey North provides a virtual northern community experience for the learner to experience the First Nations culture. There are videos, photos, audio, quizzes, scenarios, text and supplemental links, to immerse the student in an experiential, realistic, interactive experience of a northern nursing station and surrounding community.  Participants interact in this learner-centered, safe environment, to explore the role of a community health nurse, while gleaning valuable information regarding First Nations culture. Suggested Audience: Nursing Students and Northern Nurses Access:  Open Source Learning- no permissions required. An educator’s resource blog is available at  Please add, to the resource blog, information about how the simulation was used.  Journey North is a flash-based simulation, and due to the fact that the web browsers will no longer support flash in 2020, the program is being converted to HTML.  Hopefully, this version will be available by the end of 2019. Contact:  Allyson Cooper ( or Kimberley Pinel (

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