Peer Post Who is your audience?  The audience would be the p

Peer Post Who is your audience?  The audience would be the parents and teachers. How do you know? What method may you need to use to gather audience information? PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) meetings are for parents, educators. I would use  the reference to audience method, I have a clear  understanding of the audience, we are all parents and teachers, and everyone is here for the same reason, to benefit the child. Write a thesis for your speech. How would this thesis connect to your audience?  Sex education is likely to slow down the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy, abortion, and underage prostitution, allowing individuals to plan their sexual life in a desirable way. I believe my thesis will connect with the audience on an educational point of view. Sex is tossed around so leisurely these days, but so is pregnancy, sti’s, and even unwanted sexual advances. I believe that, not only will my speech educate them on what sex is, but also the less talked about subjects as stated above. I believe this will open the doors for parents to speak to their children about these subjects, after they learn about them in school. List three key points for your speech. Why would your audience find these key points engaging? 1) What is sex? This will inform the students about sex, sex characteristics, and how to abstain or practice safe sex. 2) The Good, Bad, and Ugly parts of sex.  We will talk about being prepared, ready, and when is the best time to participate in sexual activity. We will focus on explaining that waiting until you are married is best, waiting to start a family when you and your partner are emotionally and financially stable, as well as other readiness for sexual activity.  Consequences of sexual activity is a must when talking about sexual education. We need to inform our children that if you are not safe, ready, and prepared to handle the consequences of sex, then wait until you are.  We will discuss pregnancy which will include fetal development, once the baby is born, choices if an unwanted pregnancy occurs, as well as a parenting simulation of a fully active mechanical baby project.  We will discuss STI’s, how to avoid them, treatment, and side effects of each condition with pictures to help show what they are and what they look like. 3) Unwanted sexual advances. No means no. We talk about the who, what, and where. Who? anyone who tries to take advantage of them no matter the age, if they know them, if it is a family member, ect.  What? this will discuss different sexual advancements in different deliveries, whether online, via phone, in person, ect. Where? We will discuss about where you feel or do not feel comfortable with someone touching you, talking to you, ect.  What to possibly do if you are in the situation of an unwanted sexual advancement. Ways to say no, different techniques to physically stop a person harming you. Reporting the event if it occurs. We will express how important this is so that the situation never occurs again to them or anyone else. We will stress the importance of speaking up and speaking out.  What supportive evidence would you include? Why? How would this connect to your audience? The evidence I would include would be pictures, videos, documentaries, statistics, that would include the stages of pregnancy, STI’s,  local health department contact information, phone numbers to call if you are a victim of unwanted sexual advancements. I would include guest speakers from the health department, police station, and maybe even a teen mother who can explain the importance of waiting and share her struggle with being a teenage mom. The reasons for pictures with statistics is I believe it will grasp the children’s interest more, rather than just reading off a piece of paper, they need to see what certain things look like. I believe that a picture speaks volumes, If we show our children a bunch of slides with long paragraphs of information, they will get bored and tune us out. Slides of pictures instead of words will speak more to them than just sentences. I believe the PTA will understand and agree with my point of view.  Overall, how did your awareness of your audience effect your answers to these questions?  I know how I would want the information presented to my child. Being a parent myself, and my awareness that they are parents too, I will be able to recognize if they agree with me or not.   Instructions: Please post 1 peer response. In the response post, critique the following: Thesis statement Key points Supporting evidence Audience analysis Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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