Peer Post:   Musicians use their music to raise awareness such

Peer Post:   Musicians use their music to raise awareness such as. “The Arts Council of Greater Baron Rouge is an official arts agency located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana serve resources for arts organizations and residents across the state of Louisiana.  They stand firmly against racism and in full support of a just society, support artists of color and others who are marginalized and community members. Also “The Arts of Council use artistic platform to promote a more just society, to educate, to listen and to try to better understand Black realities and the realities of marginalized people in an authentic way {Buratt,2020}. I believe a song about social justice would be more effective in public spaces than in a private home because it would provide opportunities for people to meet and to be expose to a variety of neighbors and active organizing.  A song of social justice can serve as an inspiration to examine aspects of social justice such as accepting others, challenging discrimination, examine privilege and rejecting violence {Byrd & Levy, 2013}. The lyrics or the message can can create fewer or more restrictions in a public place due to people social healing who are struggling to repair their violent communities or can be meaningful to the community who is seeking social justice. A venue i would create in a form of art would be arts programs to rescue at risk youth in the community. My theme would be call “ART” All Around Training” this program would allow at risk youths prevent unhealthy routines and give them an opportunity to be place in an awe-inspiring settings where they can gain a perspective life.My program mission would be is designed to get arts agencies and other organizations involved in developing the arts programs. The goal is to show that arts programs can have an impact on youths, their attitudes and their future. The programs would include learned techniques of drawing painting and photography to help develop their art skills to provide them with opportunities to perform and exhibit their art.   Respond meaningfully to one peer post considering the following:  Compare and contrast your position on why musicians use their music to raise awareness on different social issues.  Could the example your peer provided also be used to make the case for your own beliefs?  What is that saying about the rise (or fall) of social justice issues? How did your perspective on the use of public spaces for social justice awareness agree or disagree with your peer?  Discuss where limits might need to be set (late night hours, children hearing foul language, etc.) Share your viewpoint on the venue your peer would want to create.  Name 2 or 3 specific ways they might get the project off and running. Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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