peer post:     Literary devices are used to enhance stories. T

peer post:     Literary devices are used to enhance stories. The story is about Allan Robowitz. It has captured his life since he was young up to date. The video has highlighted the most intriguing events in his life since he was young. According to the video, the theme is finding one’s voice. The tone of the story is serious (Esoofi Kader videos 114, 2012). These literary elements have brought about a serious aspect of the story. Reading from the elements, one could tell that the story that is being told is not a comedy but rather a serious one. The voice of a story greatly impacts the kind of information that is being passed across. One cannot use a funny voice to pass a serious message and vice versa.              The most prominent element that has been used in this story is the visualization of the story that is being told. There is a background voice that is accompanying the video (Esoofi Kader videos 114, 2012).  This simplifies the understanding of the story. The story that is being told is personal. The storyteller narrates the weaknesses he had while he grew up and how he finally found his voice. In my own story, I would like to voice the challenges that I underwent while I was still young and how I managed to overcome them to become who I am today. This is because I still see several children struggling with the same challenges and they can only rise above them if they get some especially from a person who has undergone them before. Talking about them will improve the lives of these youngsters.               Becoming a part of the Herzing university was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I remember I used to work in a restaurant. A time came when a customer had an accident in the restaurant and had a cut. I was the one in charge that day and I had to find a way of dealing with the incident. I had to conduct a fast aid on the customer to prevent further bleeding. This is how I started gaining interest in medical-related courses. After some time, the restaurant was closed and I had to find other means of earning a livelihood. It was then that I decided to go for a nursing course at Herzing University since a friend of mine had suggested it to me. Address the following: Compare and contrast the literary elements you found in the story with those of your peer.  If they are largely the same, what is that saying about the power of storytelling?  If they are different, what is that saying about perspective? Review the potential topic your peer would like to give voice to and discuss the group or groups who would benefit from hearing their story. Provide an attention-grabbing title to your peer’s potential story. Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format My post:   The literary elements that I found in the story include the theme which is about the speaker’s experience with stuttering. The speaker explains his experience with stuttering almost in the entire story. He says that while in class he had a problem with speaking and the other children would laugh at him. He also explains how he managed to overcome t5he stuttering problem through attending the special classes for the people with such a problem. Another literary element that I found in the story is the tone used (Yoon & Uliassi, 2018). The speaker uses a serious tone to share his experience with stuttering. The literary elements made me understand the voice of the speaker that he was sharing his own story and the seriousness in the tone made me understand that the speaker had a frustrating experience while growing up.   The video utilized several elements of storytelling, firstly, the theme. The story has a major theme which is an idea that is repeated in the entire narrative (Song et al., 2020). The major theme of this story experiences with stuttering. Secondly, the story employs the use of different characters each having a different task. The story has a protagonist who is usually the main character and, in this case,, the speaker is the main character as he is explaining his experience with stuttering while growing up. The story also has antagonists who are opposing the goal of the speaker of learning how to speak. The classmates of the speaker laugh at him when he is unable to speak and this discourages him. Thirdly, the setting of the story is another element of storytelling utilized in this video. The video plays with a dark background to reflect the frustrating experience the speaker had while growing up.   I would give my own story the aspect of conflict to engage my audience and keep them white-knuckled at their seats waiting without patience if the main character will overcome their obstacles.   I became a member of Herzing University following advice from a friend to join this institution. I was interested in furthering my education in an institution that would support my part-time job. A friend of mine informed me that Herzing University has several advantages concerning supporting the other non-academic activities of their students. When I carried out online research on the institution I found out that Herzing University is among the best universities in offering online education (Carnevale, Cheah & Van Der Werf, 2019). I made up my mind and followed the joining criteria and at the end of the process, I qualified to study at Herzing University.

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