Peer’s Post: When an organization practices valuing diversity a

Peer’s Post: When an organization practices valuing diversity and inclusion, the challenge in my opinion, is hiring people that have the same values. A solution for this challenge could possibly be to screen the applicants prior to the interview. If they make it to the interview, further screening can be done with questions about hypothetical scenarios. Another challenge is to have people of various cultures and background apply for the jobs offered and have the necessary qualifications. One way to help overcome that challenge is to offer additional training for those who may not be fully qualified or going out to recruit people in different areas around the organization. A third challenge that organizations may face is keeping employees accountable for their actions and continuing to value diversity and inclusion. To overcome this the organization would need to put in place an agreement that there will be no tolerance for discrimination, bias, stereotyping, and all of the like. I feel like it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that a bias free and inclusive environment stays that way by enforcing consequences for those who violate that standard. I think it is every employee’s responsibility to keep the environment bias fee and inclusive by regularly evaluating their own biases and being aware of those around them to make sure they are including everyone. Strategies to increase diversity and inclusion could include creating an atmosphere that people want to be in and work in, provide adequate training for new hires, and incorporated diversity and inclusion training for everyone when they are hired on as well as renewing that training regularly.   Respond to one peer post. As you respond to a peer’s post consider the following: What role does your peer feel diversity plays in promoting a safe work environment?  How does your peer’s viewpoint agree/disagree with your own? Add one specific tip or insight into how the peer can enhance or further empower the strategy they create for their organization. Compare and contrast the tools from Unit 6 you considered to help develop your strategy to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace with those presented by your peer.  What new insights have emerged?    Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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