Module 1-Discussion Strategic planning is an ongoing, compre

Module 1-Discussion Strategic planning is an ongoing, comprehensive process designed to achieve the operational existence and purpose of the organization. Watch the short lecture on Organizational Behavior at the following link: As a health care manager, you will use your critical-thinking skills at various times throughout your career. For this discussion, use your critical-thinking skills to describe how organizational behavior in a health care organization is directly connected to: 1. Organization vision and mission 2. Creating and executing organizational goals 3. Organizational communication As you create your discussion, remember that like most industries, health care organizations are diverse with an assortment of backgrounds. As a health care leader, you must be culturally competent. In your response, consider the following cultural question: How would you as a leader in your organization ensure you are reaching all staff and encouraging an environment where professionals (of diverse backgrounds) work together effectively through the vision and mission, organizational goals, and communication? Cite reliable sources to support your answer.

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