Medicare or Medicaid – which has greater impact in your state?

Medicare or Medicaid – which has greater impact in your state? In the state of Florida, it seems that Medicaid has a greater impact. The fact that Medicaid benefits are funded by the state and federal program play a huge role as to how much the state is impacted. Medicaid as we all know covers adults with children with low income, disabled, pregnant women and elderly 65 years and older (Flexer, S. 2017, February 9). In 2019 it was reported that the total low-income population was 31% and Medicaid was covering for 19% of the low-income population (Medicaid in Florida [PDF]).      Medicaid benefits vary between states but it makes the greatest impact overall due to the fact that they cover from children to adults who are in need of health care. Benefits of the Medicaid program are that it decreases the uninsured populations giving them access to health care as long as they are eligible. Medicaid programs also assist in reducing poverty rates, reduces patient medical care debts and is efficient to those patients that are low income and need medical care in an economic crisis (Manatt, P. 2019, July 26).      Moreover, it is expected for Medicaid benefits to be expanded in the future in order to reduce society and low-income population debt as well as state budget savings. It is predicted that if Florida Medicaid expands then they will save about $900 million dollars in budget (Medicaid. (n.d.).   References  Flexer, S. (2017, February 9). What’s the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid? Retrieved September 24, 2020, from  Manatt, P. (2019, July 26). Medicaid’s Impact on Health Care Access, Outcomes and State Economies. Retrieved September 24, 2020, from  Medicaid. (n.d.). Retrieved September 24, 2020, from  Medicaid in Florida [PDF]. (2019, October). San Francisco: Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation.

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