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Less than 10 % similarity References APA This is another student post to which i have to react adding some extra information related this post.  short answers.    Marijuana or cannabis is the leaves of the plant called Cannabis Sativa. It is a form of drug due to its chemical composition. The legalization of the marihuana has been an intense debate over the years. Even though there are an enormous amount of people that consider marihuana to be a very dangerous type of drug, It has been proven that cannabis also has some benefits in some aspects of society.  I can anticipate the legalization of marihuana in in come states of the USA will bring positive and also negatives effects within the youngest population. Some of these negative impacts will be social problems and criminal issues. School dropouts, family miscommunication are some of these common social problems. According to MacCoun (2010) it has been proven that marihuana reduces the ability to concentrate since it will produce distorted thoughts leading to alienation. Marihuana reduces stress, leading to a sense of relaxation and dissociation and there will be a considerable increase of school dropouts as has already happened in some states (2010) Marijuana or cannabis has also been linked to an increase in crime. The reason is because marijuana will change the individual’s reality perception, right from wrong and alters the mental functions, specially within the young population that are still growing up. (Green et al., 2010). A study by Bennett et al. (2008), confirms the theoretical link between cannabis use and crimes. In addition, the addictive components of cannabis, could engage children and adolescents to perform crimes in order to obtain money to buy marijuana.  References Harley, M., Kelleher, I., Clarke, M., Lynch, F., Arseneault, L., Connor, D., … & Cannon, M. (2010). Cannabis use and childhood trauma interact additively to increase the risk of psychotic symptoms in adolescence. Psychological medicine, 40(10), 1627-1634. Retrieved from http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayAbstract?fromPage=online&aid=7878597&fileId=S0033291709991966  Green, K. M., Doherty, E. E., Stuart, E. A., & Ensminger, M. E. (2010). Does heavy adolescent marijuana use lead to criminal involvement in adulthood? Evidence from a multiwave longitudinal study of urban African Americans. Drug and alcohol dependence, 112(1), 117-125. Retrieved from http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S037687161000205X

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