Learners must develop an introduction essay with the expectation

Learners must develop an introduction essay with the expectations of the course using the following prompts. The essay must have a maximum of 2 pages or at least 5 paragraphs. MUST ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS THAT ARE NUMBERED. IMAGINE THAT YOU ARE WRITING AN ESSAY WITH ALL THE INFO I GAVE YOU AND ELABORATE IS VERY BASIC NO NEED FOR REFERENCES OR RESEARCH JUST IMAGINATION FROM WHAT I GAVE YOU HERE. ** 1) What is your professional or career goal and why is this course important? – my goal is to become an advance registered nurse practitioner and become more knowledge about Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: Transcultural Consideration (this is the name of the class) ** 2) Describe your language proficiency entering this course. – my language proficiency is very good my first language is Spanish however I am fluent in English **3) What is your knowledge or work experience background that prepares you for this course? my knowledge and work experience about this topic is basic however I do have some experiences since I used to work in a hospital and know I work in a private practice which makes me have more interactions with the patients. 4) Describe your strengths and weaknesses as a student strength Creativity Discipline Patience Respectfulness Determination Dedication Honesty Versatility weaknesses Self-criticism Insecure Extremely Introverted Extremely Extroverted Creative Writing Too detail oriented Financial Literacy A Particular Software Too sensitive Presentation Skills *** 5) What are your expectations of the course based on the described objectives? I think is a nice course to learn because it opens the door to a new work of rules, habits and ethics that we should have to be in this profesion. extra INFORMATION ************ I am 28 years old just in case and I am hispanic

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