Instructions This milestone assignment consists of two parts:

Instructions This milestone assignment consists of two parts: Part One: You will identify how your chosen information management strategy affects the practice of professional nursing. Please explain the implications of the chosen strategy on vulnerable populations. Finally, a discussion of the implications of working in a healthcare setting that employs this chosen information management strategy should be included in this section. For instance, does it improve time management, organizational skills, patient safety, workflow, etc.? Part Two: You will discuss the evidence that supports the use of the chosen information management strategy in promoting patient safety. Identify patient safety outcomes from the literature that support your chosen information management strategy. Explain how the patient safety outcomes are improved (or could be improved) by using the chosen strategy. TOPIC – Pyxis Medication Dispensing System This document outlines the updated patient safety goals for hospitals as recommended by the Joint Commission. For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric document attached below. DOCUMENT 1 AND 2 attached below is the introduction part of the topic and adoption of it.. Which can be used as guidance

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