In a formal paper, using assessments in Modules 1-3, evidence fr

In a formal paper, using assessments in Modules 1-3, evidence from the Review Matrix, and taking into consideration what you’ve learned in your readings and assignments throughout the course, formulate a Personal Leadership Strategic Plan. This may present for you an opportunity to incorporate the “burning question” that you developed in your Research course. After thoughtful reflection of previously submitted Personal SWOT Analysis (mentally reflect on your strengths, how you can use your strengths to develop as a leader throughout your career, areas that you need to develop, and strategies that you can use to overcome limitations and enhance your leadership potential) Construct the APA formatted narrative paper according to the following criteria: Introduce your personal strategic leadership plan. Provide a thesis statement.  (1 paragraph)  Write your personal leadership vision.  Where do you see yourself in the context of leadership in the nursing profession in 10-20 years?  How influential would you like to be in your community, nationally, or internationally? (1 paragraph)  Write your mission or purpose as a leader in the nursing profession.  What do you want to be known for and why?  For example: researcher, advocator, policy maker, educator, quality improvement specialist, formal leader. Incorporate strengths of self-mastery from the book, Jesus CEO.  (1-3 paragraphs) Write SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time tested) goals. Then list the actions you will take to achieve each goal and plot a timeline for each action.  Incorporate strengths of action and strengths of relationships from the book, Jesus CEO. (2-6 paragraphs) Provide conclusion; succinctly summarize key “take home” elements for reader. (1 paragraph) Use all course readings and assignments; and incorporate evidence from “Review Matrix” assignment which includes literature to support your chosen vision, mission, goals, and actions.   Utilize APA format, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics including level headings.  ·  Jones, L. B. (1996). Jesus C.E.O.: Using Ancient wisdom for visionary leadership. New York: Hatchette Books.  ISBN: 0786881267

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