Identify and illustrate your awareness of non-verbal communicati

Identify and illustrate your awareness of non-verbal communication through the examination of a different culture. Select a country other than the United States or RUSSIA.  Discuss the culture in terms of three (3) of the five characteristics of nonverbal communication. • Kinesics – How are eye contact, facial expression, gestures, and posture measured in the culture? • Paralanguage – What are some of the vocal aspects (i.e., pitch, rate, dialect, and volume) of the culture?  • Self-presentation – How does the culture dress? What about grooming? How do they feel about touch and time?  • Proxemics – How does the culture treat space, distance, lighting, color, and temperature?  • Other cultural considerations – How does gift giving, religious observations, appropriate title use, etc. affect non-verbal communication?  You must use a minimum of five (5) references other than dictionaries and encyclopedias. You must use at least one book and one database article. Do NOT use all websites. References must be documented using APA style. Place references at the end of your outline     OUTLINE TEMPLATE INTRODUCTION I. Attention-getter: II. Establishing credibility: III. Thesis: BODY I. First,  A. B. C. II. Next,  A. B. C. III. Last,  A. B. C. CONCLUSION I. Summary statement/Focal point: II. Closure: References

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