I really enjoyed reading your response to this week’s discussion

I really enjoyed reading your response to this week’s discussion topic. You made some really great points and provided excellent fact-based information. I agree with you that technologies are highly dependent on Internet access, server functionality, and user knowledge. Do you feel like you were appropriately and adequately trained on the EHR that your healthcare facility uses? What improvements could your facility make to their computer training programs? My main complaint about EHR training at hospitals overall is that the focus of the training is only on medsurg and floor nursing charting standards. The computer training that I have experienced never takes into account that there are other specialties that need to know appropriate charting measures.   According to the authors Cowie et al. (2017), “electronic health records provide opportunities to enhance patient care, embed performance measures in clinical practice, and facilitate clinical research.” I think this is one of the main reasons that it is so important to have an EHR. Future technological innovation is going to keep transforming healthcare, yet while technologies will drive innovation, human factors will remain one of the stable limitations of breakthroughs (Thimbleby, 2013).          Cowie, M. R., Blomster, J. I., Curtis, L. H., Duclaux, S., Ford, I., Fritz, F.,                     . . . Zalewski, A. (2017). Electronic health records to facilitate                     clinical research. Clinical Research in Cardiology, 106(1).      Thimbleby, H. (2013). Technology and the Future of Healthcare. Journal of      Public Health Research, 2(3).

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