I NEED A RESPONSE TO THIS VIDEO 2 REFERENCES ZERO PLAGIARISM   The client is a 64 y/o male that wanted therapy for anxiety and unable to control mood. He has diagnoses of depression, major, recurrent, moderate, and generalized anxiety disorder.  A current stressor that contributed to ct depressive episode is pt and wife are moving out of the house they have lived in for 22 years due to clients’ disabilities related to strokes. CBT was started with ct on 6/10. During this session, ct discussed some of the frustrations he’s had with his wife recently. Worked with ct on some of the things he needs and expects from his wife. Homework given was common ground. The expectation with the common ground homework is to gain insight into one’s expectations and others’ expectations and where they intersect. Ct was supposed to complete with his wife. Ct returned 6/24. Pt didn’t work on expectations with his wife because he forgot. During the session, ct expressed continued frustration with his wife because she continues to tell him that he’s forgetting to do things(especially things about selling the home), and he doesn’t remember. Advised ct that he should address issues that are realistic and achievable. Managing expectations homework was given. The expected outcome for this assignment was to learn how to manage and set realistic expectations for self and others. The next appointment was 7/8. ct did not complete homework because wife was out of town and didn’t remind him. Ct is not progressing due to memory issues. Ct wants to continue CBT, and the next app is 8/12. Ct is struggling with limitations caused by strokes.

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