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I need a respond to this assignment  zero plagiarism’ 2 references  Your video would like to add a few points regarding usefulness of family therapy for addiction problems. Family is the heart of societal relationships. A study by Ulas et al. (2019) explored the usefulness of family-based treatment in changing family attitude toward people suffering from addiction. The intervention used in the study was cognitive-behavioral group counseling and the treatment program included different techniques including solution-focused family skill training, community and peer monitoring and parent training. It was found that family therapy helps to improve problem-solving skills and coping skills of individuals suffering from addiction. The idea behind using family in treatment of addicted patients stem from the family disease model (FDM). This model views family as being diseased or dysfunctional (Smock et al., 2011). This model also explains that alcohol and drug addiction does not impact one single person, but they impact the whole family. Thus, family therapy is a useful treatment modality for addiction. References Smock, S. A., Froerer, A. S., & Blakeslee, S. E. (2011). Systemic interventions in substance-abuse treatment: Past, present, and future. Journal of Family Psychotherapy, 22(3), 177-192. https://doi.org/10.1080/08975353.2011.602613. Ula?, E., & Ek?i, H. (2019). Inclusion of family therapy in rehabilitation program of substance abuse and its efficacious implementation. The Family Journal, 27(4), 443-451. https://doi.org/10.1177/1066480719871968.

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