I need a reply for the 2 above peers:  peer 1   As a Family nu

I need a reply for the 2 above peers:  peer 1   As a Family nurse practitioners (FNPs) you will have many opportunities in different fields. In my particular case I would like to work in the Primary Care setting because that way I will be able to integrate all family primary attention; the good thing about working in the primary attention is having the opportunity to treat the entire family having a better idea of the health problem of each family member and at the same time involving the family in the plan of treatment of each member health attention (health promotion, disease prevention, medication treatment, recovery among other) My priority as Nurse Practitioner is to provide my population with a complete medical care being Education and prevention my highest priority. As a Family Nurse Practitioner we have a valuable opportunity to provide a better health services to all group of ages many of them underserved. This type of community services is very rewarding because you will be able to have a patient since childhood and hopefully treat their descendent too; and also keeping them as healthy as possible or having controlled their chronic diseases that way you will positively impact them personally, and financially.  As an FNPs should think about many factors that may affect patient compliance when providing health services to your patients, such as education, insurances accessibility, cost of living in your area among many other. Working in a private practice setting may be challenging because you may find people that are not enough poor to obtain government coverage but not enough wealthy to pay a medical insurance by themselves neither to self-pay for their medical services. peer 2   Determining an ideal work environment especially in the field of nursing where there are numerous work settings is not easy. Some of the work settings where a healthcare provider can work include hospice centers, community health centers, nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, and private practices among others (Nurse.org, n.d.). I believe that the best way to select the best setting is to consider key factors such as the kind of environment or setting where one will be comfortable and the manner in which that particular environment will influence their personal and family life. Personally, I prefer an imperturbable and a friendly work environment that focuses more on patient care and fewer hospice situations. I believe the best place where this can happen is in the clinic setting. Besides reflecting my ideal work environment, the second reason as to why I prefer a clinic setting is because of my family. Work in the clinics is usually more procedural compared to hospitals or other settings (American Institute of Medical Sciences and Education, 2019). This means that one can easily predict their duties on a particular day. With this arrangement, I believe I will be able to take care of my family more especially my children who go to school. The other reason I prefer working in a clinic is because of the ability to create a more long-term nurse-patient relationship. Establishing a better long-term nurse-patient relationship brings in various benefits like making treatment easier and enjoyable, and facilitating effective follow-ups. One of the key reasons why I don’t prefer working in a community health center is because this type of setting often lacks resources (Ezeonwu, 2018). One may want to carry out therapy but that request can be impossible due to lack of space to cater for the request. There is also the issue of bureaucracy and extensive paperwork. For the case of hospice centers are that in most cases, one will be required to offer care to patients in their respective homes. This kind of job arrangement might result in instability and unpredictability because one might lack access to relevant facilities that might be required.  Here is the original assignment in case you needed:  Visit the following website and answer the following question. https://nurse.org/resources/family-nurse-practitioner/ After reviewing the different setting in which Family Nurse Practitioners work. What setting will be your career choice and why?

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