hs  There are many types of elder abuse. Choose two types and d

hs  There are many types of elder abuse. Choose two types and discuss challenges you perceive in abolishing them. Justify why you consider them as the most crucial. Discuss how you can advocate and protect the elderly from abuse. answer:  Elder abuse is defined as any knowing, intention, or negligent act that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable older adult. (Miller. C. 2018) I chose self-neglect and neglect. These two are the ones I have seen most often in my nursing career. Self-neglect is when a person fails to be able to take care of themselves, but refuses help of any kind. I have seen many elderly people refused rehab or long-term nursing home placement and I knew they were not capable of taking care of themselves. I feel like the only way to stop them from refusing help is to educate them about different services and why they are important. The other thing I would suggest is not to be afraid as a healthcare provider to speak up and bring it to the patient’s attention that they cannot take care of themselves and why you believe that. Neglect is when another person who is supposed to be responsible for you everyday life and they fail to do so. We see this sometimes too. The patient’s family is not taking care of them to the best of their ability and they come in nasty and not bathed. Or they are underweight. The only way I can see to abolish this type of neglect is to report the cases to the adult protective services. Then they will be followed outside the hospital and someone will be making sure that they are take care of. Encouraging home health or hospice would help that way someone would be in and out of the house a few times a week to help the patient with their everyday needs.

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