Hi all,  This week we are to discuss dissemination of evidence

Hi all,  This week we are to discuss dissemination of evidence and how we each personally would do this. “The main objective of dissemination is to increase and promote the spread of knowledge regarding evidence-based interventions, with an intention of enhancing its greater application and patient outcomes” (Joseph, 2019, para 1). Dissemination is simply getting the word out to people or large groups. For example, if I want to feel connected to my audience, I may initiate a zoom meeting. These days, “snail mail” is not the fastest way to get the word out about something in a fast manner. Email is the optimal way Walden University communicates with their students as well as via phone call. Many text to communicate what is going on. Some are fans of this while others are strictly against it. Depending on my audience and the message I am trying to convey, text/email or zoom would be the two routes I would go. The barriers to snail mail are just that it can be really slow or look like junk mail and sit on the intended recipients counter for days. Mail can also be delivered to the wrong recipient such as a neighbor or another street address entirely. Amidst the COVID crisis, President Trump as well as governors for each state get on television and have a live feed and this is the most effective way for them to get policy changes and statistics regarding the pandemic out to the public. “Increasing knowledge in the nursing field ensures that nursing remains up-to-date, improves the quality and cost-effectiveness of care (Lippincott Solutions, 2014).  In the nursing world we have nurse associations and quarterly state board of nursing newsletters sent out and that can convey information as well. Goals of disseminating evidence include increasing the reach of information, increasing people’s motivation to use and apply evidence, and increasing people’s ability to use and apply evidence (United States Department of Health & Human Services, 2012). In doing this, we keep nursing the trusted profession it has always been with knowledge that helps us care for our patients better.   References  Joseph, M. (2019). Dissemination of evidence-based practice project results in nursing. The            Nursing Ace. https://thenursingace.com/dissemination-of-evidence-based-practice-project           -results-in-nursing/  Lippincott Solutions. (2014). Why evidence-based practice?   https://lippincottsolutions.lww.com/blog.entry.html/2014/09/24/why_evidence          -basedp-pVCr.html  United States Department of Health & Human Services. (2012). Communication and          dissemination strategies to facilitate the use of health-related evidence. Effective          Health Care Program. https://effectivehealthcare.ahrq.gov/products/medical         -evidence-communication/research-protocol

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