HHPH 210 – ENVIORNMENTAL PROJECT GUIDELINES/RUBRIC Project: research the role of a chosen environmental exposure/issue on human health. This project will take place in two parts:  ·  PART I: The research paper will serve as the basis for part two of the project, which is developing a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for your chosen topic.  Reflection: Think back to the week one discussion where you identified several environmental issues that you felt were a potential issue to you or loved ones. Or, consider environmental health issues that you may have heard about in the news.  Environmental Impact on Disease Relate the environmental impact or toxicant to your disease. Make the connection for how the issue is relevant to your audience. For example, if your topic is the role of pesticides on developing diabetes, provide the relevant research that connects pesticides and diabetes. Don’t forget to include contradictory studies. You should always present both pro and anti-research to strengthen your argument, but show any potential weaknesses in studies as applicable, to strengthen your argument. 1. Exposure Prevention In this section, consider all aspects of possible prevention from an individual, community, and population perspective. Consider policy and procedure, recommendations for how to reduce exposure, whatever is appropriate for your topic. 2. Conclusion 3. References Please use at least 5 references, where at least three are peer-reviewed journal article from 2015-current. The other two references may come from other sources; such as the CDC or the EPA, etc.  You should expect to address these topics in 4-6 pages, times new roman, 12 point font APA-style, double spaced.

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