Healthcare policy concern :Crosswalk safety (Community based con

Healthcare policy concern :Crosswalk safety (Community based concern) Type of Service Research Paper Urgency 6 to 10 hours.  Citation Style  APA Style No. of Pages/Wordcount  6 page(s)/1650 Words No. of Sources/References  6 English UK/US/AU? English US Description  Paper is about policy concern crosswalk safety in prince georges county (maryland).  Identify community based healthcare policy concern, propose a policy change with evidenced-based foundation, (define: health care policy, role of advocacy and how it can impact healthcare policy, explain how the role of advocacy is consistent with the responsibility of an advance practice nurse. solution to the healthcare concern, positive outcome if implemented, what changes would need to occur, what measurable action will demonstrate a positive outcome, two challengess to implement the proposed solution, and how they can be avoided or resolved. Please APA format, 6 pages, 6 research-based scholarly references with in the last past 5 years of which 2 references are mpirical evidence from state and county website data. I leave in Maryland (Prince Georges county) . propose a solution, The outcome is to improved health

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