For this journal entry, you will be picking a personal stressor

For this journal entry, you will be picking a personal stressor as a touchpoint for the rest of your journal entries. As we learn and explore more about stress management, you will be applying what you learn to better manage this one personal stressor. Further on in the course, you will be asked to apply concepts from the textbook, and explore and use worksheets from your workbook as you work towards managing this one personal stressor in more healthful ways.  To do: Identify and describe one personal stressor to focus on for the rest of your journal entries Write about why you picked this stressor, and what you would like to change  Describe how you experience this stress physically, psychologically, spiritually, socially , etc. Write about anything you have learned so far in class that is helping to raising your awareness and understanding of this stressor.  Pick one of the worksheets from the Peace & Relaxation workbook which you believe will assist you in raising your awareness about this stressor and/or how to address it. Complete the worksheet (you may complete more if you wish) and use this knowledge to build your understanding.  Based upon what you have learned in class so far, what are some ideas you have for creating a plan to manage this stressor in more healthy ways? Be specific — envision some of the change you want to create in your life!

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