Elderly Abuse Below are 5 short videos, When posting the submis

Elderly Abuse Below are 5 short videos, When posting the submission, post the web site of the video and the questions. In this way, if students want to watch the video, they will have access to it. Also, by posting the question, it will be easier to follow your posting. But don’t just answer the questions-make it a paragraph (s). This is an opportunity to look at some of the websites out there to assist patients, families, and health care providers with resources to prevent talking about, dealing with elderly abuse.   Norman https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=case+studies+of+elderly+abuse+videos&docid=608014631256787415&mid=A924A5241061A4BB769EA924A5241061A4BB769E&view=detail&FORM=VIRE 1. If you met Norman in the emergency department, how would you interview him about the events that brought him to the ED if he does not tell you that he was hit? What would you use as clues to open the conversation? 2. What assessment(s) would you perform? What signs might you observe that are indicative of abuse? 3. What would be your interventions? Identify resources that would be available?

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