Doctor of Nursing program Analyzing Parametric Statistics You

Doctor of Nursing program Analyzing Parametric Statistics You locate a quasi-experimental research study as possible evidence to support a practice change. You notice that the study aims to make a prediction that relates to correlation between study variables. The study sample size is large and normally distributed. Reflect upon this scenario to address the following. · In your appraisal of the evidence, you note that an independent variable is not present and that a Spearman’s ranked correlation is used to analyze data. Is this the correct level of correlational analysis? Explain your rationale. · Are association and correlational analysis equivalent in determining relationships between variables? · Do these findings impact your decision about whether to use this evidence to inform practice change? Why or why not? Reading:  Polit, D. F., & Beck, C. T. (Eds.). (2017). Nursing research: Generating and assessing evidence or nursing practice (10th ed.). Wolters Kluwer. · Chapter 16: Descriptive Statistics · Chapter 17: Inferential Statistics · Chapter 18: Multivariate Statistics · Chapter 19: Processes of Quantitative Data Analysis · Chapter 20: Clinical Significance and Interpretation of Quantitative Result 1 page-no spacing, Times new Roman. APA format At lest 2 references -must be within 5 yrs. Absolutely plagarism free.

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