As a student, it is essential to identify the different roles of

As a student, it is essential to identify the different roles of practice and research doctorate of nursing. The identification of roles of each doctorate degree can yield information on the collaborative efforts that can occur between two unique nursing focus studies. Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) focuses on transforming research into nursing practice to improve patient outcomes and organizational functions, while Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD) finds and creates new research information to advance the nursing profession and the health care delivery (Hartjes, Lester, Arasi-Ruddock, Bradley, Munro, & Cowan, 2019). Both of these doctorate degrees require similar competencies such as collaboration, leadership, mentoring, dissemination of work, and education (Hartjes at al., 2019). Understanding the differences and similarities between DNP and PhD can aid in the effective collaboration and expectations to reach similar goals.           Collaboration can and should occur between DNP and PhD scholars. Effective teamwork can lead to improve patient quality care, enhance resource utilization, and advance the nursing profession as a whole (Cowan, Hartjes, & Munro, 2019). Reading the required articles has opened my eyes to the importance of understanding the roles of DNP and PhD scholars in utilizing new research and evidence-based practices. Collaboration is essential to decrease the gap between new research information and implementation of such data into clinical practice.           It is important to identify environmental factors that can negatively affect effective collaboration. Organizational support, interpersonal relationships, and personal characteristics have both negative and positive influences to collaborative efforts (Satffileno, Murphy, & Carlson, 2017). Identification of these factors can help with combined efforts in addressing practical problems in the workplace. In my current workplace, the DNP can collaborate with the PhD to identify new research information regarding a specific problem and core measures to gather during the planning stage. The DNP can implement, monitor, and evaluate the progress of the project, then update PhD regarding results for further research. Clear roles and responsibilities can aid in the identification, planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating of implemented evidenced-based practice in health care settings. 1- I need to do a comment for this post with at least 2 paragraphs and 2 sources.

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