APA format 2 pages long 3 references and follow the below direct

APA format 2 pages long 3 references and follow the below directions for answering the question   As a team, you will use your end-of-program outcomes to design your curriculum. Specifically, you will create a plan of study that consists of at least 5 courses. Though comprehensive, entry-level programs would undoubtedly consist of more than 5 courses in a given year, you are only required to develop 5 sequential courses that could be in one of your program levels. Refer to the Appendix section titled “Plan of Study for the Curriculum” for authentic examples that can aid you in designing your curriculum. Respond to each of the following in bullet or paragraph form during Weeks 8 and 9 of the course. Identify the total number of courses your curriculum would consist of if you were actually developing the full curriculum. Justify your choice. Identify the number of courses you will be creating for your project and the program level under which these courses will fall. (Note: You must identify a minimum of five for your project). Develop your courses. Create a title for each course. Write a course description for each of your courses. When creating the course descriptions, use two to three succinct sentences that introduce learners to content that will be covered, as well as the type of learning activities (lecture, discussions, skills lab, simulations, clinical experiences, etc) that will take place. Create learning objectives (2–3) for each course. (Note: This may be an iterative process with the bullet above). Select one course to illustrate with a concept map, as demonstrated in the Appendix section of this document.  When answering the below question please base it also on Seton Hall University Community Health Issue (Semester 6) – clinical hours include something within the community

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