Adopting a Family Relationship Framework Answer the  questions

Adopting a Family Relationship Framework Answer the  questions below by using chapter 1 of your textbook. 1. A typical family system is characterized by  ___.   ? an  evolved set of rules for itself and its members ?  the lack of values ?  decreased communication ?  none of these apply 2. Which statement about families is true?  ?  Families never add new members ?  Families can be influenced by the community in which they live in ?  Family members all get along all the time ?  none of these apply 3. Which statement is true about American  families?  ? All American families are wealthy. ? American families can be made up of  members of many ethnicities and live in a wide variety of areas. ?  Every American family is White, has two children, and lives in the suburbs. ?  None of these apply 4. Rituals can best be described as  ___.  ?  beliefs that gods do not exist ? symbolic actions related to beliefs that  help families adapt to change and bring meaning to  their  lives ?  beliefs in supernatural evil forces ?  none of these apply 5. Which of the following helps to increase a  family’s resilience (a family’s ability to recover quickly from difficult  problems or how they cope with situations)?   ? family  members have clear and consistent communication and problem-solving processes ?  ignoring the needs of vulnerable family members ?  having a negative belief system ?  none of these apply 6. While children grow up, their gender roles  are influenced by ___. Gender roles are a set of society norms that  determines what types of behaviors are acceptable, appropriate or desirable  for a person based on their actual or perceived sex.         Parents and society  ?  pregnancy only ?  puberty only ?  none of these apply 7. A ___ is a natural social system that  occurs in a wide variety of forms and represents different cultural heritages.    ?  family ?  monarchy ?  hierarchy ?  none of these apply 8. African American family members are often made  up of____  ? mothers, fathers, children, and a wide  network of kin, close friends, and community members ?  nephews and nieces only ?  neighbors only ?  none of these apply 9. People in families are intimately ___.   ?  ignored  ? connected ? forgotten ? none of these apply 10. The people most vulnerable to living in ___  are nonwhite minorities, single mothers, children under 18 and the elderly.     ? wealth ? poverty ? mansions ? none of these apply

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